In The Whiteout

by Cellarghost

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released June 17, 2016


all rights reserved



Cellarghost Fredericton, New Brunswick

Sombre post-punk from Fredericton, NB.

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Track Name: La Fin du Monde
The dead have risen up,
And I have known their ill intentions once,
Over the hills,
They come with angry eyes and bitter truths to steal us back,
But who's in the wedding dress?
Who held your trembling hand?
Not him!
The memory of angels,
Crept its way into your head again,
How could we ask for more when all we are are anchors at a fee?
I watch you drink La Fin du Monde,
And drown in that endless sea.
Allegory, allegory.
Honestly I,
Never meant to,
Your time,
I'll step aside,
and fall in line.
I’ll fall in line, my friend.
Track Name: Vampire
No signal,
For forty miles,
Traded smiles,
For a weaker pulse.

Stand ready to defend a reflection,
In the rear view mirror.
Making our enemies
when they tell us all we do suck blood.

Curses come,
And silence goes,
Who has won?
Nobody knows.

I'm feeling modern and I think you are too.
Say something real, say something true.
Let fangs do what they're supposed to do:

draw blood.

With your wild heart,
You focus on the cull.
Track Name: Winter
Good god we got it, Good god we’re saved!
Good god we got it, but that’s not the way!
I could take you anywhere that you would want to go,
But it wouldn’t change a thing.
We’re in a tragic state we can’t think too hard,
If the static surrenders, we may have to face our scars.
If this is love, then I don’t want it at all.
We said too many brutally honest things in the falling snow.
This winter’s going to kill us both,

If we don’t try to find some common ground, my dear.
I’m sick of all the separation,
Confined in this isolation, this winter’s gonna kill us both.
The winter’s going to kill us and bury underneath the snow!

Good god we got it, Good god we’re saved!
Good god we got it, but that’s not the way!
I could take you anywhere that you would want to go,
But the winter's going to kill us both.
Track Name: Cinders
Just as you hang your head,
A hundred bloodthirsty crows,
Fly in the red sky,
Something big is going down.
The air, it tastes of ash,
Cinders of memories past,
Vicious series of relapses.
Hanging on to false hope.

Hold on,
Rest easy.

You grind your teeth in line,
I'm sorry you weren't loved the way you should have been.
How the tables have turned.
Keep your head up high,
The skies aren't clear,
But I'm starting to see light,
Taking shape in the dark.

Calm down,
Stop shaking.

Does the evil end at home?
Will you always be alone?
(Promises of answering,
If you started calling out.)
Could it have been the wrong move?

Hate what you used to love,
You were transformed.
I can't unsee the truth.
No matter how hard I try.
Track Name: Jackals
The seasons changed again, I didn’t notice anything.
I reached for you, but you weren’t there.
It’s like a phantom limb.

And I don’t think you understand, there’s a whole world of jackals outside.
Don’t tell me you’ve got a plan, because I know you’ll be eaten whole, like the rabbit you are.
Don’t trust anyone.

Enemies of mine are enemies of yours. We know this.
Feeling so confined, we take a pill for conversation.
Utterly sublime, a faceless maiden wipes herself clean,
In the dark, dark stream.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you that this city’s on fire and filled with liars.
And I knew you’d be eaten whole, like the rabbit you are.
Like the rabbit you are.
(Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)
Don’t say I didn’t warn you there’s a whole world of jackals outside.
Track Name: Wilderness
Don't go,
I won't be whole,
Faking that everything is fine.
Now that it's gone,
We forgot why it was.
In any case I'm in too deep,
and can't erase enough of how it used to be,
Forget a home,
that felt like home.

Discard it with the rest,
There was a time when it felt so right,
Now it's a cadence of the hapless jaws of night.
Wake up the skeletons,
March them around the house again,
I fear another graceless episode begins.
Another episode begins.

We fell for it we always do,
It's just so easy to,
We fell for it we always do,
It's just so easy to fall
Track Name: Television
Coming home to static wombs of television noise,
Halfway dead and sentiments of something in that voice.

Stop talking.

Starting to see angels,
Light the sixteen candles,
Cower and hide,
From the fiends outside,
We lost our minds,
In electrical anger.

Something that was,
That wasn’t supposed to be,
Soaked up television lies.
Tidal waves have washed away everything else,

But the constant light from that goddamned

Starting to see angels,
Light the sixteen candles,
For the seventh time,
Turned into creatures,
Of the past,
It makes us laugh,

For the first time in a long, long time.
The last time for a long, long time.
Track Name: Apothecary
You're frail and stoned,
It becomes a chase,
In all my spite you know I'm lost.
To hear them now outside my door,
It was sobering not to smile.
To here knows when, this undoing,
It's in the crowds and I'll be late.
A drunken walk through burning parks,
I could swear I was being followed by wolves.

You fall apart it's all I win,
To even feign that we'd be fine.
Seeing ghosts, it's all I fear,
It's the only thing that's there,
You tear apart the broken wings,
The deepest black comes for me.
The shadows hide, the rising tide
And it's everything I'd like you to testify with all the suns that burnt:
We made the right mistakes.
We know just how we ought to speak,
In tongues to get just what we need.

To love you is to fear you.
To hate you is to need you.
We swallowed all the pills,
Did what the doctor told us.
But something didn't feel right.
Something still didn't feel right at all.
At all.

How am I still seeing ghosts?
Exorcised with a quart of red wine.
So divine.
Track Name: Whiteout
My systematic focus was placed on silence in the face of fear.
All these righteous fuck-ups in the garden of love, getting tangled up in wire.
I’m definitely getting lost, in the waves of dread harbour.

Can’t prove it’s stolen when it has naturally got holes in what the eye can’t see.
All these blinded painters, revel in great worth, fill cathedral halls,
But seriously who can tell?
What does stifled sight even mean?
We missed an honest gaze at the stars.

What’s all this endless work even worth?!
Come down.
Track Name: Black Money
Oh the etiquette of growing cold!
Wooden idols of a time where we kept things close and dear,
Faraway from here,
Lit them on fire,
They say it made us weak,
What of the vultures
who terrify me more than I would ever let on in front of you?
They feast on egos, live in id and always hold us back.
Absent hallways filled with noise still eating at my will.
Pay no mind to men in suits who live under your bed.
You say you hear them typing on their adding machines.
Always counting, always watching.
Put the car into reverse, fall asleep,
and dream of driving off into the sun again.
It's only in the movies where it ends,
It just goes on and on.
Will we ever leave this chemically altered loveless town?
Has any better been found?
Dragging our heels,
And smoking darts,
We're wasted in the sun.
If I'm dreaming, never wake me.
Company of friends.
Leave the ocean for the mountains,
Oil in the sand.
If I had the option, I would stay here
with you.
Walking through the halls of denial,
Cellophane the walls and bathe in black money.
Track Name: In The Dark
It's been said there's one moment that so completely changes you you forget who you are,
That same one moment that so completely changed you started to define you and confine you to
Twelve long years have come and gone since that day, (13)
With the cavalcade of black and red machines.
The sirens call out through the noise of life,
Maybe it's you and you've lost your way.
You're caught up in,
Another firefight,
You've left behind a flame so grand,
and Eternally bright.
You say it burns,
I say it keeps me warm,
In the warmth I find your memory,
But for her it's not easy,
She's started to deform.
I don't want to ever forget you,
You'll never forget him.
and flame that burns.
You're not here to put it out for her anymore.
I will always love you but for that I want to hate you,
But I can't.
You left her in the dark all alone.

I tried
I couldn’t save her
From herself

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