by Cellarghost

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by cellarghost
performed by carter, emily, charlie, luke, colin
drums recorded by chris
artwork by graeme


released February 25, 2017


all rights reserved



Cellarghost Fredericton, New Brunswick

Sombre post-punk from Fredericton, NB.

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Track Name: Ritual
Breath on my back
Black marine stalemate swell
Stealing thunder
Hunt me
Your flame-driven words
Are the words
That consternation won

Open a rift
Lacerate novelty
Visceral moment
Ought to
Burn away the fragile remains
Of a ceaseless ritual

Dread and its ilk
A new reminder that
Coming undone
Is in nowadays
A centerpiece
A modern stage
They want a witch
To burn at the stake

Don't say the truth isn't viable now
How it suits you to say
Heaven is out to get us
Some golden light betrayed us
Sympathetic to the void

Waste at my heals
Dark sunset in the horizon
Honesty kills again
Curse the speech of snakes
Vapid tryst with thin air

Talk about tomorrows
On the grounds that it would last
We both knew so no one asked
Usurping memories
Before they turn bitter
And try to flee again

Do you want me to pretend?
Would it somehow hurt less?
So here's where we stand
All twisted by the complacency of the past

I feel another dark ritual beginning
I feel another dark ritual beginning
I'm holding onto something that's not worth saving
In my mind
Stealing all my time
Track Name: Hotel
Sun don't shine
Through these old hotel room blinds
Sentiments are lies
Sanctions of the night

We get by
On our cinnamon and rye
Mannequins and lines
Don't trespass on our rite

Is this evil?
Is this wrong?
No emotion
No connection
There's so much more here
There's so much more here left for two emotion vampires

Drag me along tonight
I won't put up a fight
I'm tired and it's futile
This place will do what this place will do
And people do what people do
We're sinking on a burning ship

Sailing for god knows where

Spirit of the hunt
Vicious animal of ire
Garden of desire
Why is this design?

True love waits
Or so they always say
It always gets away
When it seems it's in the way

There's a search party
Out in the woods again
When they're up against the hunt
They know how it'll end

No justice, no sympathy
In your heart

You're knocking on the wrong door with that shit

This is so corrupt
But somehow they call it love
Track Name: No Dawn
You're over-reacting again
There are no grounds to anything
You say or do you're plagued by your deities

The world you see
Is not the world I see
So "let the spirit in", you say
I think of the pills and alcohol inside of you

No dawn before us
No dawn after us

Man after man
God after god
Carve out the sky
Burn out the sun

Hark! The angels sing
An ancient choir
From the floorboards from the wall
If it's in your blood it's in my blood as well

A path ahead
A path that no ones fit to travel all alone
And I don't trust the angels on your side
I'm coming too

You want to let it take you
I won't let it take you
I know what you've been through
I've been there with you
You see a crossroads
I'm seeing one road

Love after love
Same rituals

True, it seems
So hard to find
When you are old
And I am blind

The truth is ever-so fleeting
When no one says what they feel
So listen to me when I say
That I will always love you
No matter what happens between us
No matter what goes unsaid
Don't fear the end I'll be there too

Keeping killers away from the door.
Track Name: Mothic
Hounds of doom,
Have left us in disrepair,
Shaking and scared.

Fearful, without a promise,
Of a cleansing ritual.

Is it really my body that moves me?
I know it’s my breath coming out of me,
But if that’s really you I see when I see you,
Why do I feel as if I’m caught up in limbo?

While I'm lucid let me say,
That I'm afraid for whatever reasons.
Waking up again in a fit to black birds circling my bed.

I’m always thinking of everything that can go wrong,
Vicious shadows are stalking me down long halls,
I can’t move,
But I try to get through to you.
I’ll fight the rituals,
Salt of the sober,
By they vile or chemical,
Dead ring of clovers,
I can’t prove,
That I ever gave up,
What I gave into.

Why am I drawn to that which harms me?
And why do I hurt those who I love,
Don’t tell me we’re inherently evil.

In this city of wolves you are the lamb,
Holding onto old promises.

Waiting for a knock on the door.

You don’t want to hear it but,
There’s something about your light.
Track Name: Burial
Vandal in static passed me by.
Cozened an art from a cynic’s eye
A ghastly sigh of misaligned opportunity
To thieve a comely triviality.

Banish him!
Oh lord I pray for banishment,
He lives within me,
Banish him,
I want to feel like we used to,
I want to dream like we used to.

You said I failed to mention,
How I would drag us down,
But I tried to warn you,
There’s a sepulcher at the bottom,
Where no one should go.

Chemical sigil to keep the dark at bay,
I want to see through your bright eyes,
Eidolon you’re see-through and thin,
But you please me so,
Would you rid me of these woes?
How long does this emptiness last,
Will the fear ever pass.
I need a tether to keep me here
In orbit
On this strange, strange rock.

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